Advisory Boards and Committees

Washington County’s advisory committees, boards, and commissions advise the County Board of Commissioners on issues that affect residents.

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Advisory boards and committees bring the community perspective, provide advice, and/or make recommendations to the County Board on various issues and topics.  Boards and committees do not establish county or department policy, determine budget or resource allocations, or direct the operations of a department. 

Prospective Candidates and Vacancies

View the list of current vacancies. Residents and representatives are encouraged to apply and participate. All prospective candidates are required to submit an application.

The following boards and committees require the applicant to participate in an interview with the County Board: Planning Advisory Commission, Board of Adjustment and Appeals, Library Board, Housing and Redevelopment Authority Board, Veterans Rest Camp Association, and watershed districts

Appointments and reappointments are approved by the authority of the County Board at a County Board meeting in a regular session or a properly noticed special session.


Member requirements vary. Read about each board and committee listed in the left navigation. 

For more information, contact the Office of Administration at 651-430-6001.